2017-2018 Regular Session - SB 351
Nurses; advanced nursing practice; provisions; revise

2017-2018 Regular Session - SB 334
Nurses; administrative purposes only; Georgia Board of Nursing to Department of Community Health; transfer

Nursing Action
SR 188 GA Senate Study Committee: Barriers to Georgians' Accessing Adequate Healthcare
It is very important for Nursing to be have a notable presence at all of the SR 188 hearings. APRNs are asked to attend wearing a white lab coat and royal blue scarf to identify themselves as APRNs. RNs attending are asked to where a white labcoat with a light "baby" blue scarf. If you do not already have one of the signature scarves, one will be provided to you as you arrive to the meeting. If you cannot attend the entire meeting please try to come by for an hour or two.

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*The Sept 11th meeting was cancelled and has been rescheduled for Wednesday Sept. 27, 2019 for 10 am Room 310 CLOB (Coverdell Buiding across from Capitol). The Oct 16th Date/Time is still Finalized. Future Locations/Dates/Times will be updated once they are published. There will be 3 meetings, one in Atlanta at the Capitol, one in Augusta, one is another location, and then a final "wrap up meeting back in Atlanta.

9/27/2017 (Wed. 10:00am - 12:00pm) Room 310 CLOB (Coverdell Blding next to Capitol)
10/16/2017 (Mon. 12:30pm - 2:30pm) Augusta TBA
11/06/2017 (Mon. 10:00am - 12:30pm) Unknown Location ? Macon or South GA?
11/27/2017 (Mon. 10:00am - 12:00pm) State Capitol

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THIS IS IT!!!!SB351: Rural Full Practice AuthorityTESTIMONY & VOTEFeb. 20th Tuesday @12:30Sign up and let us know...

Posted by Georgia Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses on Friday, February 16, 2018

We are asking each of you to send this Action Alert to your designated Legislative Grassroots Liaison if you have chosen one or if not, for you to send it out to every member of your organization and ask that every member of your organization send it to every nurse and interested Georgian they know.

Senate Bill 351, the APRN full practice authority bill for rural counties of less than 50K in population, will be discussed Tuesday, February 13th at 1 p.m. in the Senate HHS meeting (Room 450 at the Capital).

1- We need you to email your personal senator asking them to support this bill, to encourage their colleagues on the HHS committee to vote to move it out of committee, and email the members of the Senate HHS committee asking them to support this bill.
2- Below is a "sample" email below that you can personalize and send to either your own senator or the committee members. The members of the Senate HHS are in the attachment. PLEASE change this email up so they don’t all get 50 of the same emails. Make it personal to your situation.
3- We need as many nurses/APRNs as possible to attend the HHS committee meeting on Tuesday, Feb 13th. Plan to arrive and be seated in the committee room by 1230; we know that MAG will be mobilizing their members to oppose this bill and they will be present in force.

Thank you for engaging on this very important bill!

Georgia Clinical Nurse Specialist GCNS president



Nursing Action
Other Key Study Committees APRNs need to Attend Fall 2018
We have several Key Study Committees that Nursing Needs to have a presence at throughout the fall. Here are the Committees and dates followed by the sign up Slots. Please attend wearing a lab coat and Royal Blue Scarf if you are an APRN or a "Baby" blue Scarf with a lab coat if you are an RN. You are an observer of the meeting, you will not be called on to testify if you attend.

SR 412 SENATE - Stroke Trauma Study Committee

Wednesday Sept 6th 10:00 AM

PLACE: Navicent Medical Center West Tower 3 Conference Room

**Other Dates TBA

HR 240 HOUSE - Georgian's Barriers to Access to Adequate Healthcare Study Committee Meeting (Agenda TBA)

Tuesday September 19

Time: 10:30 am

PLACE: Coverdell (CLOB) Room 606

SR 222 SENATE Special Tax Exemption Study Committee

August 22nd (passed)

The next Special Tax Exemption Study Committee will be held on Friday, September 29th. The agenda will be released at a later date.

DATE: Friday, September 29, 2017

TIME: 10:30 A.M.

PLACE: Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa

1 Resort Drive Savanah, GA 31421

(Specific Room TBA)

Senate Study Committee on Homelessness

DATE: Tuesday, October 17, 2017


PLACE: Georgia State Capitol Building, Room TBA

SR 392 SENATE Senate Rural Georgia Study Committee

August 3, 2017 (passed)

**Other Dates TBA

House Rural Development Council

Wednesday and Thursday Sept. 6 - 7.

Wednesday - 12:30 pm - 5:20 pm

Thursday - 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Place: Torn Bigwood Room, Metter Pre K-8, 33661Hwy 129, Metter, Ga.

Georgia Health Care Reform Task Force and Georgia Rural Health Care

Monday, September 25

Time: 9:30 am to 3:00

Place: WellStar Development Center, 2000 South Park Place NW, Atlanta, GA 30399

Missions & Goals

To advance the unique expertise and value the clinical nurse specialist contributes to health care.

GCNS purposes are included  original organizational bylaws. They represent the organization’s founding priorities. As of a bylaws update in 2017, the founding purposes of NACNS shall be to:

Provide a forum and support initiative in legislation to improve the healthcare access and outcome for the citizens of Georgia.

Promote unification amongst all APRN  and /or inter-professional groups in the state of Georgia to reduce the barriers of APRN practice laws that enables APRNs to practice at the top of the education and certifications of APRNs

Provide educational, networking, collaboration and mentoring opportunities for the continuing professional development of the clinical nurse specialist in the state of Georgia

Promote the visibility of clinical nurse specialists’ impact on cost, quality and access to nursing care to health care systems/organizations;
provide education to communities and/or health care organizations and the public regarding the unique contributions of clinical nurse specialists to the well-being of individuals and groups.

Provide a forum for the identification and discussion of issues and trends that affect and shape the evolution of clinical nurse specialist practice

Promote the unification of clinical nurse specialists in their advanced practice roles regarding competencies, spheres of influence, standards of performance and educational preparation;

Provide for the development and dissemination of position statements and press releases regarding health care policy issues pertinent to quality, cost and access to nursing care, strategies to improve the appropriate use of health care resources and the need for and preparation of clinical nurse specialists.


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Georgia CAPRN
APRN of the Day 2018 Legislative Session

The Georgia Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (CAPRN) is excited to once again sponsor the APRNs of the Day Event at the Georgia State Capital on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday through the 2018 legislative session. The purpose of the event is to increase APRNs visibility and presence at the Georgia legislature, so we can better advocate for both improved access to health care for our patients and for removal of existing barriers to APRN practice. As you may know, Georgia physicians have had a daily presence at the state capital each day of the legislative session for many years. We hope that APRNs in our state will consider stepping up to this challenge to increase our visibility and coming more involved in professional advocacy. If you can sign up to go with others in your district, this will make an even bigger positive impact. The CAPRN lobbyist will be available to you as a resource the day of your service as APRN of the Day.

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SR 188 Study Bill  Barriers to Georgians' Access to Adequate Healthcare